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Stair Replacement Services North York

Stair Replacement Services North York

Hardwood Stair Replacement

If you are planning on furnishing your home with new hardwood floor, or have already done so, you might be interested in hardwood stair replacement. One of the most common types of stair remodeling is tread installations – particularly those manufactured out of a wood species that looks great with the rest of the decor. Exclusive Hardwood Flooring Ltd. not only provides quality wood stair treads, but also offers installation and replacement services as well.

Wood is a classic, timeless choice of material for stairways and floors, and can be stained if you are after a specific tone to match the rest of your decor. Call us today to book an appointment.

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Stair Replacement Services North York
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Common Wood Stairs and Railings Repairs

Whether the railing is lost in several places or it just feels a little shaky, or you have just one step that causes you to slip or stumble or several steps that do not feel stable, it is important to fix the issues as soon as you notice it. Accidents related to falling down the stairs can be very serious, and if your stairs are not completely secure, you might be leaving yourself open to more falls and more injuries.

One of the most common issues we see with stairs and railing is coming loose from their nails and screws. If you notice that your stairs are starting to squeak, if they shift as you walk up and down them, or youre railing no longer feels like it is rigidly affixed to the stairs, it is time to call Exclusive Hardwood Flooring Ltd.

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Stair Replacement Services Toronto