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What do You Put Under Hardwood Floors?, North York

What do You Put Under Hardwood Floors in North York?<br>What to Put Under Hardwood Floors in North York<br>What Goes Underneath Hardwood Flooring in North York?

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Hardwood Flooring Installations in North York: What Goes Underneath Hardwood Flooring?

When it comes to hardwood flooring, what goes underneath is just as important as what goes on top. A subfloor is the layer of material that sits between the hardwood planks and the floor joists. It provides a sturdy base for the hardwood and helps to distribute weight and prevent any shifting or movement. In addition to the subfloor, an underlayment is often installed between the hardwood and the subfloor to provide cushioning, reduce noise, and help regulate temperature and moisture levels. Depending on the type of subfloor and hardwood being installed, other materials like vapor barriers and soundproofing may also be necessary. So if you want your hardwood floors to look and perform their best, don't skimp on what goes underneath and contact the team at Exclusive Hardwood Flooring Ltd in North York!

Hardwood Flooring Installations in North York: How to Intsall Subfloors?

At Exclusive Hardwood Flooring Ltd, we take the installation of subfloors just as seriously as the hardwood flooring itself. Our team of professionals in North York understands that a proper subfloor installation is key to ensuring the longevity and performance of your hardwood floors. We start by thoroughly inspecting the existing floor to make sure it's level, dry, and free of any damage or imperfections. Then, we use high-quality materials and precise installation techniques to create a sturdy and even surface for the hardwood to rest on. Our goal is to create a strong and stable foundation that will support your hardwood floors for years to come. Trust us to get the job done right!

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